Spring is in the Air

Easter is all about new birth and beginnings. Spring is in the air finally and now is the time to really kick things up a notch. Last we spoke I was on a roll. Well since then it been a glorious stream of nonstop entertainment! And the fun has really only just begun. This month of April please come out and support my two films been screened in NYC. The first is Long Shot Louie on April 9th at the Sunshine Theatre in Soho at 3pm. The next one is The Red Corvette on April 24th at the Anthology Theatre on 1st and 1st at 9pm. These are both great action packed films featuring my self! So I wouldn't miss it if I were you this might be the one and only chance to see it on the big screen, and trust me they are worth seeing on the big screen! If you haven't had the chance to pick up my copy of April's Fitness magazine hurry out and get one before May's issues are on the shelf and you miss the opportunity to collect this special addition featuring me! Also be on the look out for some exciting new commercials in the tristate area. Just shot a series of them, so I'm sure you'll be able to spot me out every other spot soon! Don't forget to rent Heart Lines on On Demand now. And if you missed last weeks All Star Celebrity Apprentice featuring my girls friends last Sunday, you can always log onto nbc.com and check out the episode any time this season. Been able to set up a lot of friends with gigs this past month. You'll see them featured as brides on she knows.com soon, & also a commerical all for Angelo David Salon. And another has a NYU student film that I hooked them up with titled the Count is being released soon. All super exciting stuff for everyone all around. So your support as fans, family, and friends really means so much to me. Couldn't have done it with out you! Hope to see everyone at the screenings!