Katherine's love for performing started at an early age. She grew up in theatre. Katherine appeared in many local productions as a child and later on as a teen.

An ambitious Katherine Mesa left small town New Jersey a decade ago and relocated to Manhattan. Katherine is living her dream of being a working actress living in New York. She has appeared in numerous off and off-off Broadway productions such as Canoli Happen in America, and Boy Chick Affair.

Over the past ten years, New York based, actress Katherine Mesa has extensively pursued her passion for acting, modeling, dancing, and singing. Experienced in a wide range of media, which include film, stage, television commercials, music videos, and television programs, Katherine still continues to work with an acting coach. Katherine has been involved with over 50 films and television projects such as The Red Corvette, General Hospital, and RC cola commercials.

Her focus on improvisation, dialect, combined with movement and acting has lead to several roles doing live performances around the globe.

Katherine's theatrical background, has given her more depth into character portrayal which has immensely enhanced her acting work in television projects.

Katherine as a model, posed for Levi Jeans, Victoria Secret, Hawaiian Tropics, Miss. Howard Stern, and many others. Whether its as a host of an event or as a fashion model, she rises to the occasion.

Katherine would like to thank all the wonderful people in her life for their inspiration and support.