NYC Surrives Hurricane Sandy

Even though I have lost power and water for almost a week, and everyone one of my bookings have been canceled, have had no choice to walk everywhere if I needed to get around, and many people I know have faced terriable lost, the show must go on. New Yorkers have always been strong, and this wil only make us stronger! We must take a deep breath, and just go day at a time here. Everything is going to be back to normal real soon, I just know it. Crazy how there's a real night and day difference from 42nd and up here in the city. It's as if nothing even happened uptown. Meanwhile lower Manhatten has suffered a ton of serious damage. I am grateful it happened this way if it had to happen at all, because it proved many people places to go in these tough times. And Broadway was able to still open it's theaters all week long. I hope all of you are safe and well. Turn to music comfort, movies for laughs, and books for mindless relief. Let us Entertainers entertain you. That's what we're here for!