May Day

As we approach a warm month of May, I bid a grand fair well to the wonderful month of April. It was such a thrill to have 2 back to back movie screenings for Long Shot Louie and the Red Corvette in NY film Festivals, an article in Fitness Magazine where I was the model, start acting on soaps again on One Life to Live, shot a regional commerical for numerous local car companies, book several live hosting gigs such as the Alicia Keys Ludacris, and Bon Jovi Concerts, begin new classes at the wonderful Magnet Improv Theatre, and return back to the studio once again to work on new house music tracks! That's only a handful of the great things that came my way this past month. But I can't share all the good news quite yet because I don't want to jinx it if it! I can tell you that May is going to be just as exciting, if not more thrilling! You'll be able to rent or buy my movie on netflix, and amazon. You can review all the photos from the great events I just attending in my new gallery. And I promise to have more great industry stories for you real soon. Stay tuned!