Keeping things Hot thru the Winter

Can't believe it's 2014! Gonna be one heck of a year cause things are already heating up and January isn't even over yet. Just got back from Main, was modeling for LL Bean. Was at Levis modeling their jeans all last week. Next week I will be modeling for a new denim line called Trinity. And at the end of the month I will start shooting a new pilot called She Said Yes! I'm their new Host and couldn't be more excited about that I'll be helping boy friends all across america ask their girlfriends to be their brides! I am simealtaniustly co hosting another new show called Club Culture 360 with my dear friend Nicole Saulter. We'll be traveling the country hitting up the hottest clubs, interviewing the coolest DJ's and featuring their latest tracks! So yeah there is a ton of new projects heading my way. Can't wait to share them all with you here! Oh and I'm sure I will have a ton of new photos and stories to share with Super Bowl coming to NY in two weeks! Can't wait!