I Always Dreamed of Being A Singer

Not so sure if those dreams will come true but I'm not going to give up hope just because I had a little set back, well two. I am living with nods. I've had vocal surgery not once, but twice. Polyps keep developing on my vocal cords! I've tried every thing to stop them from coming back or growing. Their persistent little buggers that just latch onto your cords and don't ever let go, not allowing your voice to sing it's full range. It's true I can no longer hit above a hight C. After my first surgery and lots of rest/voice therapy I was able to sing any song I wanted. I was studying at the American Musical Dramatic Academy when it first happened. After I recovered and returned I was able to graduate then went onto preforming again. Ten years later I realized I was doing this professional with out any constant training or care any longer. Not sure how long I've had polyps again, could have been dwelling for years for all I know. It's tough finding good health insurance being a freelance performer. And it gets expensive paying doctors and voice coaches out of your own pocket. Luckily I found a good health plan this year, and a good doctor, and was able to put an end to this nonsense. After serious testing we decided to laser it off one more time. I've been on vocal rest after the surgery for almost a week now. Being silent when I have so much to say is the most frustrating part of this all. But I know in the end I have learned my lesson. I will not let this happen again. And I'll be singing like a bird again in no time. Hopefully this time on Broadway!