The Entertainment World

In the world of entertainment is forever changing. Sometime it seems like you are champion and nothing can stop you. Your booking every audition, your wanted on all the latest projects, the phone is non stop ringing, life is good. That's where I am at right now. It's really awesome trust me, I couldn't be happier. But then there always are conflicts and along with conflicts comes frustration. Why is that once you land a role, everyone else wants you to play there part at the same exact time as well? People in industry have a short attention span, if you are not available for them then, then you missed out on the opportunity. They always say "oh ok we'll get you on the next one", but then your project is over, your free now, and the next one never comes! It happens more then think The key is to make your schedule as open and flexible as possible at all times. If you honestly do our best to get your image and name out there then the work will come to you. You just gotta hope that it doesn't all come to you on the same day. In the mean while keep up on your craft, take classes and study, go see plays, network at events, etc. New York is the most amazing place in the world to really make your dreams come true. I know I've been working hard on making my dream a reality. But some times you really just want to don't want to deal with reality, there are a ton cruelty you must face if you want to be an entertainer, you learn to grow thick skin. My favorite part is getting paid to play make believe. If you had a bad day as student one day, the next day you'll have a great day being a teacher. And I wouldn't change that for the world, no matter what the case may be.