Survival of the Fittest

So you don't always land every audition and it may be a while till you see your check from the last project you did. Sometimes even up to 90 days which can be scary when you don't know when you next job may be. That's why all performers have survival jobs. I for one was never big on office or retail work that can book up your hours real quick. I always loved the freedom of freelancing and finding work that worked around my schedule. This way if I did get a last minute shoot or casting I can just run out an do what I got to do. I have worked some of the most amazing opportunities like big music festivals, conventions at the Javitis Center, Toy Fairs, Improv acting skits, print ads for magazines and many commercials as a brand ambassador, promotional model, product specialists and actor. All industry related one way or another and all pay the bills! I actually stay working full time this way so it's become a living. A bit of a hustle but worth every step! I know my big break is right around the corner. My never ending days of standing by cars and smiling will soon be over. I am forever grateful to everyone who giving me the work along the way though. Check out the gallery filled with all the exciting gigs I have accomplished the past year!