Summer Loven

Ok I know it's been a while since I informed my fans of what I have been up to, but can you blame me with all this work and excitement I have had going on all around me. For example I was modeling Levis Jeans, and NY Transit Shoes at the same time, while running to castings on breaks for other fit modeling jobs for new designers. I'm currently Hosting two new TV pilots back to back, one called Club Culture 360, and the other the Business of Rock. Where I interview live talent and show you the behind the scenes of the entertainment industry link. Walked down the red carpet of every award show this past season and rubbed elbows with every star you can imagine. Been so much non stop fun I forgot to take a break and share the news with the world. Promise not to leave you hanging too long next time. Lots of updates on the show in the works coming soon!