Press, Social Media & PR

How cool is it that all you have to do is post something on social media and instantly the whole world knows about it! Recently I did my first FaceBook live post. I had over 700 views with in a day of airing the video. Granted that I had a great subject since I was demonstrating toy for Hasbro at the International Toy Fair, so people curious to see what I was getting paid to play with all day. But it showed me the power of social media and how necessary it is to stay on top of it. I have thousands of followers, likes, fans, views, and retweets across all the platforms and I plan on expanding that till there is millions cialis generic online. Recently a company by the name of Exposed Vocals reached out to me on twitter to see if I would like to be interviewed by them about my album Eternal. Would love the press so I gladly said yes and today you can see the article here: Instagram is always reaching out about casting and photoshoot opportunities because of images I upload on there. Then I can send in my auditions through you tube since a majority of them are all being self recorded now, allowing you to virtually be booked any where, any time! Its all about exposer people and now we have access to do it for our selves every single day and the best part is it's for free.